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If you're in Vancouver + new to the concepts of bitcoin/blockchain/decentralized technology please check out some of the beginner friendly events at They have monthly "Intro to Crypto" & "Bitcoin 101" evening presentations. They're super nice folks + very knowledgeable about the space.

One of the very best resource lists on the web -->

Look up Andreas Antonopoulos on youtube & watch all the videos you can where he's teaching.

Have a read of Nick Szabo's blog.

Unsure if bitcoin and cryptocurrencies still have room to grow? Have a look at this infographic.

Ever wonder how Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) actually work? This video is a great place to start if you're fairly new to the concepts of blockchain technology. It's 26 minutes long but well worth the time. A thorough yet easy to understand guide that covers the basics of how it all works. Click here to watch the video on Youtube.

Here's a quick read on "dollar cost averaging" and why it's important.

For general info on the cryptocurrency market check, and is reports to have cleaner data without fake volume added.* is a popular way for Canadians to buy & sell Bitcoin using Interac e-transfer. Just download the app for your smart phone. No fee to add funds & no fee to cash out (except what your bank charges), and 1.75% for buys/sells. Sending/receiving within the app to your friends is free (Shakepay covers the miner fee). has had a very respectable reputation as an exchange in the space for years, and offers CAD funding methods & trading.

You can also earn free Bitcoin when you shop online using** is another fun way earn bitcoin by replying to emails and completing tasks. Keep the money, or donate it to charity.

*this is a referral link that allows us both to earn $10 of free bitcoin. This helps cover the cost of the site + meetup group (new accounts only)

In general check to find out where to buy bitcoin.

Where to learn/read:

...and I'll throw in this article to keep some perspective.

... and this Post-Modern Porfolio Theory with David Siegel